Base Data and Decisions is a first-year MBA course in statistics and regression analysis. The course is taught using a flipped classroom model that combines extensive online materials with a lab-based classroom approach. Traditional lecture content will be learned through online videos, simulations, and exercises, while time spent in the classroom will be discussions, problem solving, or computer lab sessions. Content covered includes basic probability, sampling techniques, hypothesis testing, t-tests, linear regression, and prediction models. The group regression project is a key component of the course, and all students will learn the statistical software package R.

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Resources for Research in IO

Empirical Research Pitch Template

Getting started on a new project requires putting something down on paper. This template lays out a series of questions that will likely need to be answered for a project in empirical microeconomics. Students are encouraged to draft answers to sections 1-3 before meeting about a new project in order to jump start our discussion.

Advice for PhD Students

A few bits of advice for PhD students at all levels. Tl;dr take lots of shots; try to figure out what kind of researcher you want to be; strive to learn and don't be afraid to ask for help. See the slides for details and most importantly, links to examples of how to ask for help on technical issues.

Stanford IO Seminar

The Stanford IO Seminar takes place on Tuesdays 12-1:15 in the fall and spring quarter


Looking to see recent work in IO? The NBER IO program lists new working papers every week

IIOC 2022

The International Industrial Organization Conference is an annual conference organized by the Industrial Organization Society. See this year's program for a great sample of recent new work